Second to the Last Rotation and the Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight

This will be a quick one, especially since I’ve realized that I can’t write everyday due to various reasons (the main one being I’m too lazy to do it – poo poo on you, Kyle).

Bear told me to write again because he knows I like writing and telling stories, and so I am now. Today marks the day that Manny Pacquiao lost his fight with Floyd Mayweather. I am not too much of a sports fan (I actually am NOT a sports fan, hello Bear!), but I am sad because I know a lot of my fellow Filipinos are sad over the fight. I can’t comment on it because I didn’t watch, and even if I did, what do I know about the technicalities of boxing? Nil, that’s how much I know. So this week has been a rollercoaster of emotion for the Filipino people. From Mary Jane Veloso’s (non)execution to Pacquiao’s fight, there really was just a lot to take in for this country.

Speaking of having a lot to take in, it’s the second to the last rotation for my ICC year. What a year! I can’t believe I’ll be finishing the most benign year in medical school soon (and go on to the most toxic one yet!) To be honest, I’m not excited about the next two weeks. It’s about Neuro and Psychiatry. I may have come from a Psychology undergraduate course, but I just like it more than Psychiatry – despite the similarities. Neuro, well, let’s just say we aren’t really friends. So I’m really having a difficult time motivating myself to do school work. Right now, all I want is a nap.

By the way, the new princess was born yesterday. I missed it! I’m happy I got to catch up on the news though. I promise to right better in the future. Right now, let’s just wallow in drowsiness.


Season of the Family

Continuing from last weekend’s family bonding time (and the week before that, and the week before that), Bear and I spent another day with his family. I woke up early, around 6:00 am so I can be brought to their house. The car was to be used by my mom that day. I was really excited! When I got there, I wasn’t even sure if they were awake already. I pressed the doorbell twice. I couldn’t hear anything and was planning on calling Bear to wake him up, when their maid opened the door. Yay! That would have been embarrassing if no one opened the door. So I waited for Bear to wake up while I sat on their couch. At around 7:00 am, he went down sleepily. His eyes were still half-closed and his hair was flat where he slept on it. Awwwwww, such a cutiepatootie! So we started out day together.

Around 9:00 am, right after breakfast with his family (pinatisan and rice! love, love, love!), we went to UP Diliman to deliver mugs that my organization is selling. They’re witty mugs, and they were selling like hotcakes! I never had a meet up in my life so I was nervous. I kept thinking about the change (I don’t have any), and the quality of the mugs (they were perfectly ok). After a few texts and phone calls, I met with the first buyer. She was really perky! She also handed me a bill that was too large for her purchase. So, I asked for Bear’s help (since we were parked at his college, ahh memories!) and he told me that there was a store behind his building. There we went, and there we bought coffee and Knick Knacks so we’d have change for the buyer. After that transaction was done, we waited in Bear’s car again. We talked about our college days, when we would hang out in his car while waiting for our classes to start. I love that car, and I miss our time spent in it. We celebrated little academic milestones in that car. We discovered hidden gems in our campus with that car. College, you are dearly missed. So anyway, we waited for the other buyer for an hour and a half after the first buyer left. We wanted to go home, and I was kind of badgering her already since she wasn’t replying. When she finally came out of the building, she apologised, and we went on our merry way.

Back at his house, Bear watched the SuperBowl while I pretended to study. He taught me how to play American Football, and I loved it! I would tell you who the teams are, but I couldn’t remember the white one so I’ll just say that it’s between the red team and the white team. Hopefully, Bear and I can play pass with his football. It has been some time since we last did. I think it was with our friends when we went to Laiya, Batangas last summer. After watching the game (white team won, red team was so sad so I felt sad) we went to eat lunch. Then, we watched Odd Thomas (which we haven’t finished yet!). I was surprised that I liked the movie! We still have an hour to go. The whole concept was just really refreshing, and hmm, we ended on a plot twist! I can’t wait to finish it soon! Anyway, we got ready to go to Bear’s maternal grandaunt’s funeral. It was her 40th day, and in the Philippines, the belief is that that’s the final day the soul will roam the earth. We went to Manila, in the same cemetery our family uses, and became stuck in traffic. It rained, therefore, it is traffic. That’s logical in Manila. So, we were finally inside their mausoleum some 40 minutes later, and we started with the prayers and rosary. I read in my most Theresian way, since that’s the only acceptable prayer voice I expect of myself. Then, it rained harder and so we all went back to Quezon City for dinner.

On the way back, I pointed out to Bear that we might get stuck in traffic when he brings me back home. He said maybe I can sleepover. I know that that’s what we both wanted, but, alas, it was not to be (you’ll find out later). We arrived at his aunt’s house and we had dinner. It wasn’t really great, and I didn’t know the people, but I enjoyed talking to one of Bear’s aunts. She’s German, but speaks fluent Filipino and English. I love how sweet she is. The nice just radiates from her, which isn’t a common thing. The soon-to-be grandma was excited for her apo (grandchild) and her new puppy (not the grandchild). I listened while they talked about the different ways on how to discipline a child. I agreed with their conclusion. So future babies, now you know that your dad and I really thought long and hard on how to help you grow up to be awesome people. Anyway, after that, our driver called me up and asked if I still need him to pick me up. I consulted Bear and he said that it’s fine if the driver brings me home. So, I was able to go home and Bear was safe and sound in his house.

Because of all the family time spent with Bear’s family, I have thought about what God wants me to learn. We haven’t had any time alone, but I still enjoyed my time with them. One particular memory that I really liked over the weekend was that Bear’s mom told us that maybe they’ll put up the Christmas decorations this year. I love it when their house is decorated for Christmas (they weren’t able to last year, but they so normally do). She said that we should put the tree up. Awwwww, I just love building memories like that. Two years ago, I also helped put up their tree and I gave Bear’s mom new tree ornaments made from bamboo. It was a memory I cherished. Upon looking back, I know that years ago, this would have been only a dream. God is telling me now that we are in the season of discovering the families we will be marrying into. We have had enough time to get to know each other. Now, we should know the rest of the family.

Next week, and the three weeks after that, it’s Bear’s turn to spend time with MY family! Indeed, it is the season for family.

A So-So Post about a So-So Friday

Have you ever had a so-so day? Like, it’s not really bad, but it’s not wonderful either? Well, today’s one of those days.

I woke up late, so I wasn’t able to shampoo my hair. Good thing I took a shower the night before. Hmm, so-so. Then, I went to school to meet up with my classmate. We only had one class, and it’s not even technically a class. It was a case conference. The resident presented a case of Non Ketotic Hyperglycinemea, a rare metabolic disorder which usually manifests itself with seizures. We did not understand a lot, but it was cool, nevertheless. Again, hmm, so-so. After that, I did my school chores, which took up a good one hour of my morning. Then, after hailing a cab, we went to the bookshop to buy our thick medical books. Expectedly, they were expensive, so I just pushed down my ego and asked for all the discounts I can get. Luckily, they were really nice and I got a discount. Lost money, gained books. Hmm, so-so. It was hot out and we had a difficult time getting a cab back to school. Once in school, we went to a meeting, bought lunch from a carinderia (love, home-cooked food!) and relaxed at Y’s condo. Hmm, so-so.

It was just an average day with average activities. For someone who likes living in extremes, today was quite difficult.

Hmm, a so-so post.

ICC Rotation 1: Pediatrics

Today marks the first official day that I, together with my batchmates, become part of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) set-up. Today, we are officially Integrated Clinical Clerks or ICC’s. Truth be told, we aren’t actually doing anything yet. This is more of our “exposure and learning year” rather than our “doing” year. Some say we’ll feel as if we’re useless, while others say that we should just enjoy the year and absorb everything we can. Of course, I would much rather prefer to absorb everything I can.

This morning, I woke up early because I didn’t want to be late. As today is a Monday, I slept at home and would be dropped off in PGH where I’ll stay at for a week, so I was scared that I might be late. So at 6:15 am, I was already taking a shower. At 6:30 am, we were already on our school run. My little siblings went to school, then I was brought to PGH. I met up with my blockmates and received our Pediatrics Handbook. Mine was actually thought to be lost, but luckily, my friend just misplaced it. Our task for today was to pretend to be the bantay or companion of the patients consulting at the Outpatient Department. It was funny seeing us in pambahay (home clothes) and flip flops. Some even put a plaster on her foot, while another brought snacks and water, just like a real bantay would. We went to the Teddy Rey Building found at Ward 9. There, we were briefed by the resident, Dr. Gayeta. He’s a funny guy, and immediately put me at ease. We then went on a tour of the Pediatric Emergency Room (PER) and the OPD. I actually felt scared in the PER. I know that most likely, this is where I’ll experience my first code or possibly, even my first death. I tried not to think about that. Luckily, Dr. Gayeta told us that it is of utmost importance that we know where the cotton balls and alcohol are because the nurses complain that ICC’s usually don’t know where they are. He made me laugh, and I felt better. Note to ICC Kyle: it is important to take note that only PLAIN lactated ringers and PLAIN NSS should be given as bolus (meaning it should be administered in one quick plunge of the syringe plunger) to dehydrated or hypovolemic patients. There should be NO DEXTROSE included. Plain lactated ringers are in blue while Plain NSS is in green. This might come in handy to you! Improbable, but alway possible!

Anyway, back to my story, we went to the Pediatric OPD and looked for patients we can be bantay to. The main objective of the task is to know how it feels like to be a patient/companion of a patient in the OPD setting of PGH. I first saw a little boy, 8 months old, who was sleeping in his momma’s arms. His face was soooooo cute! There was also another little boy who just laughed a lot. Those babies really made my day! Here’s my Facebook status for that day:

Today, I spent my whole morning playing with and entertaining little kids while they waited in the hot and stuffy PGH Outpatient Department (OPD). There were fans provided, but the little patients started getting cranky as more and more kids filled up the Pediatrics corridor. One little girl reached out to me for carrying and I happily obliged. How can I say no to a baby? She has Down Syndrome, but she was engaging and she played with me for a few minutes. I couldn’t stop smiling even when she was pulling my shirt every which way! Another little boy, only 8 months old, enjoyed our games of close-open and bulaga (peek-a-boo) while he waited for his turn. He gave me a big smile every time I peeked through my fingers. He even held on to my fingers when he got bored or drank his bottle. He waited for 5 hours with his mom and tita.

These little babies, bounced around from one hospital to another, usually see PGH as their last resort. It pained me to see how they put up with the heat and less-than-ideal conditions as they waited for their turn. It takes hours to be called, but they stay because they know that they will get quality care for an affordable price in this institution. I know that I can’t change the whole system, but I hope I was able to make their waiting a bit more bearable. Get better soon, little babies! Thank you for playing with me today!

On a separate note, I realized that I still love DevPed and their patients more.

At 12:00nn, we were all finally done. We all wanted to take a shower but our lunch break was just enough to eat. So, we donned on our white uniforms and hurriedly went back to school. During lunch break, Y and I ate Ministop fried chicken. Love, love, love! It was so crunchy! Then, we rushed back to Teddy Rey for our orientation by Dra. Ong-Lim. I struggled to keep my eyes open while she was orienting us. I felt my body swaying side to side. I wonder if she saw. Fortunately, my classmates poked and prodded me so I’ll stay awake. After orientation, my block went to Razon’s to eat their famous halo-halo. Now, at first I was adamant that I DID NOT want to eat their halo-halo. I tried it once before, yeeeears before, and thought it was too expensive. It just had ice, milk, and bananas. When I DID try it again this time, I just loved it. Huh, taste does change over time! After that, I went home and studied (as medical students do), and slept at around 2:00 am for our 7:30 am class.

First day of Pediatrics, done!

And just like that…

…lectures are over. I can’t believe I will now be facing the world of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). It feels like yesterday when I first learned that I was accepted to the University of the Philippines College of Medicine (UPCM), after being wait-listed for the whole summer of 2012. I remember clearly, it was May 18 when I got that call. I’ll tell you one day what happened then (hello magic!), but for now, I’m wallowing in these big-change-in-my-life-is-coming jitters.

I am scared, I am excited, I am a bag of emotions all in one. What if I make a mistake? What if I don’t know anything? Will I be able to see through our 12 hour duties which will be happening in ONE WEEK? WHY DO I KEEP ASKING QUESTIONS?

I’m scaaared!

All my life, I’ve been known to be the smart one in the family. I got through high school and college fairly easily, garnering honors through it all. When I wasn’t accepted to my dream medical school, I felt crushed. My pride was crushed. I was the smart one! I thought then, “So now, who am I?” I cried a lot that summer. I questioned my identity. I questioned a lot of things. It even took a lot of strength not to question God. Bear got the brunt of my questions and crying attacks (Hello! I love you, BearBear!). So, when I was accepted, I promised to do all I can to make it worthwhile. It was an idealistic promise. The saying, “Don’t promise when you’re happy/Don’t reply when you’re angry/Don’t decide when you’re sad” comes to mind. I thought I could wing medical school. Nuh uh, when they said it was difficult, they really mean DIFFICULT.

So, I struggled through first year medical school. I was crying at least once a week. I was part of the lower percentile of the class. I realized, I didn’t want to be a physician. NOTHING taught in class interested me, and I just wanted to finish medical school and not practice. In my head, I asked, “Why did I not get in, then get in and just be miserable here?” It was really a struggle. That year, I took the removals for OS 204 (Head and Neck). Passing it will mean I go to second year medical school (Learning Unit IV). By His grace and mercy, Dr. Matubis’ own brand of mercy and kindness, and by some words of wisdom from Bear (“suck it up”), I passed. Again, I promised to do better. *see the pattern? haha* LU IV was a happier time, but I still wasn’t in the average part of the class. Every exam was still like a lotto game, will I pass or will I fail? I was even the lowest in Therapuetics. Despite that, I got more comfortable in school. I got more comfortable not being the smartest or the best. It still stings, and it makes me scared, but maybe this time God wants me to focus on something else. He sustained me despite my many, many, many shortcomings, so it is only through that that I know He wants me to be a physician. Maybe He wants me to focus on a different role in my life (Is it to be a wife, God? heehee) or be a better person in general. I just know that He is molding me to become the best version I can be for whatever He has in store for me. So now, I just have to enjoy the present and do what I can to improve myself. ‘Coz I know that just like that, I’ll already graduate. Just like that and I’ll be on my way.

Family to Family Progress

Being the eldest among my cousins and siblings, by default, I became the bridge between my generation and that of the one before us. It’s a responsibility I love because I get to be in both worlds. During family reunions, I know almost everyone while the younger ones have to ask me who’s who. Introducing them is a job I love doing. That being said, I must say that I’m uncomfortable when I’m with a different family. The whole family dynamic is different. You don’t know who’s who. You stick with your friend most of the time. It’s so much more difficult when the family you have to meet – and eventually adjust to – is your fiance’s family.

Bear and I have been together for 8 years and 9 months (exactly!) today. Having met in high school, we both understood that the progress of our relationship will be slow. What we didn’t expect, though, is that it will be thiiiiiis slooooow.  We went out-of-town together (with friends, not an overnight) for the first time when we were in our third year together. Our first sleepover (in our house, with all my little siblings) was when we were both in college. Our first out-of-town together WITH an overnight involved (with his family) was when I was already in medical school (and he was already working). You get the gist, right? haha Anyway, one aspect that has been slow-moving is being accepted into Bear’s family. Ok, maybe accepted is a strong term, maybe I should say included since they don’t push me away, but they don’t look for me either. I was just in the constant limbo of “you’re here if you’re here; you’re not, if you’re not”. That made me feel sad during our earlier years because Bear was almost immediately included and often-sought-after in our family. My younger siblings just love him and see him as their kuya (older brother). My mom even calls him anak (son/daughter). So, when I wasn’t met with the same enthusiasm from his family, I felt rejected. It took some time for Bear to convince me that they like me. They just weren’t expressing it the same way as how my family does. While I waited for the time I do get included, I promised myself that I will do what I can for them to like me! That involved giving small gifts and looking for common interests. After about a year or two of this, I was finally able to feel the progress, so wohoo!

1) I love them. The biggest, most important development I felt was I can say I genuinely love them despite the quirks and differences. It became less about getting them to like me, and more about finding my place in their family and doing what I can for them. There are still bumps in the road, and I definitely still feel as if something’s missing (hello, wedding ring!), but I know I’m somehow part of the family already.

2) I was invited to Family Day. Bear’s cousin, Kulit (it means excessive in terms of a person’s energy or rowdy), had her family day yesterday. Her school’s gym was crowded, hot, and stuffy, but I enjoyed watching the girls play and go crazy over everything Frozen since it was the theme. (Ironic how the theme’s Frozen, and yet we’re all up to our ears in sweat haha) Bear’s brother and I talked a lot more than usual, and I was indirectly called anak by his mom when we were taking photos. So, how does one indirectly called as anak? Bear’s mom used to go to the same school as Kulit. Like most girls from exclusive girls’ schools, she wanted to reminisce and take photos of the school she grew up in. So, she said she wanted photos of herself with her kids. Now, whenever I hear her or Bear’s dad say that, I automatically move away because I don’t want things to get awkward. They took a photo and she asked me why I wasn’t in it. So, I joined them in the second one. That was a feel-good time. Another feel-good time during that day was when I got to eat cheese ice cream. I love you, cheese ice cream. You’re my first love in the ice cream world. Anywaaay, back to the being part of the family thing, Bear’s mom also reposted an album of babies in diaper covers covered in ruffles and bows. Is that a sign that she wants to have grandchildren soon? *hint hint*

3) I was/am being invited to birthdays and other important events. Last year, Bear’s grandmother celebrated her 89th birthday. I felt so happy to be invited! I got to meet relatives I haven’t met yet. Plus, we ate at Viking’s so my tummy was happy as well. I remember eating a loooot of lamb. Hmm, lamb *drools* This year, Bear’s grandmother celebrated her 90th! (duh, Kyle) and it was a big celebration in the sense that her daughter who’s living in the US came home to celebrate with her. It was actually a surprise, and she brought her super dee duper cute and lovable daughter I will call Bulilit (it’s usually used to refer to small children, coz yeah, she’s tiny). Bulilit is also very makulit so she and Kulit are usually fighting, but they both love me and see me as ate so it’s another yay moment! We even went to La Union for a family trip. We ate at this halo-halo restaurant, surfed, and went ATV-ing. Last week Kulit also invited me to her birthday dinner at no other than Viking’s. So, yeah, the past year was all about being with the family.

Yesterday though, after Family Day, I was looking forward to spending time with Bear. We usually nap together, play songs, and just talk about our week apart during our Saturdays. Lately, we haven’t had much time together, and I thought yesterday would be the perfect time to catch up. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much time together because aside from Family Day, we had Family Dinner which lasted a few hours. By the time we were done, I was so tired and sleepy and disappointed, plus I had to go home already. I was really sad, and Bear and I had to have a discussion (a long one) because of it. When I was over my disappointment, I thought of how this experience helped me and Bear grow. We’ve been wanting to get married for so long now, and we think we’re ready in all ways except financially, but maybe this is God’s way of saying we still have a few kinks to fix. Maybe I have to set aside Bear and Kyle time so that I will get to know the people who will be my family soon. Here is something I recently read, “Biblically, waiting is not just something we have to do until we get what we want. Waiting is part of the process of becoming what God wants us to be” (John Ortberg), and it speaks to me so well. As always, I’m offering our relationship to our Heavenly Father. May His plan be followed, and may we be blessed with His grace. There will be difficult times (we’ve been waiting for 8 years. EIGHT YEARS, PEOPLE!), but like I say, I’ll just enjoy the present (as much as I could) and slowly grow in love with Bear’s family.

Pre birthday Tagaytay Celebration!

It has been a busy first month of school. With the new schedule and MY BIRTHDAY, August just flew by. Now that I have some free time again, I would like to share with you what I did during my birthday.

Last August 23, Bear and I went to Tagaytay to celebrate my birthday. It was our second time going out of town alone (well, not technically alone since we have Manong Driver with us), but it was our first time dating in Tagaytay. For all of you who don’t really know what Tagaytay is, it’s a small city in the mountains of Cavite, a few kilometers south of Manila. It’s considered a resort town since many people go there to enjoy the relatively cooler breeze and see the breathtaking views. He picked me up that morning (I was late because I overslept!) and went on our way to Tagaytay. We just talked the whole time. I explained to him what Tagaytay meant to me, since we went there frequently while I was growing up. At around 11:00 am, we went to our first stop, Breakfast at Antonio’s.


New “I want to eat here again” place!

Now, this restaurant has been on my to-go list ever since I read about it a few years back. You see, Bear and I are food people, but among the three meals, we like breakfast food the best. So, when we were able to go to Tagaytay (thank you Mommy, thank you Bear’s parents), I insisted we eat here. One look at the black and white facade, and I fell in love! There were a lot of people when we got there since it was practically lunch time already, but we only waited for a few minutes – maybe even less than 10 minutes – before we were given a table. While waiting, we checked out their bakery. The scent was so mouthwatering. There were little jars of jams, some pastries, breads, and pies. I wanted everything! Good thing we were given a table soon.


I love the furniture here. Bear and Kyle waiting for their food.

We took our time looking through the menu. Everything sounded good, but I eventually chose the famous Eggs Benedict while Bear got Corned Beef Frittata. Oh my goodness, was it delicious! My dish had some fruit in it, and anyone who knows me can tell you that Kyle DOES NOT EAT PINEAPPLE. That dish though…it was so good that I ate everything. Every. Last. Morsel. I even ate the pineapple, which was, thankfully, drenched in cinnamon. The eggs were runny, just the way I like it and the Hollandaise sauce was superb. Each element was just a harmony of flavors. Bear also liked his Corned Beef Frittata, which took us by surprise since we thought it was JUST corned beef.


Eggs Benedict, yum!


Corned Beef Frittata.

The people were very attentive and courteous while we were there. I really liked how they made us feel special, especially since their service was really fast. On the next table adjacent to us, there was an expat family with a little girl and a little boy. We had fun watching them play with their dad, while we guessed which country their parents are from. I’m choosing German, but I guess we’ll never know! For dessert, we ordered pudding. I love bread pudding. It was good, but it still doesn’t compare to my number 1 go to pudding at Cajun’s. We went out through the back after eating so we can enjoy the view of Taal. As always, it was gorgeous.


The view of Taal Lake from Breakfast at Antonio’s.

After eating, we headed to Caleruega in Nasugbu, Batangas. This is my most favorite place in Tagaytay. Well, it’s not technically in Tagaytay – it’s not even in Cavite! – but it’s close enough to go to from Tagaytay. I was so excited, I literally bounced in the car while on our way there. It’s just so beautiful, and I feel God’s presence so strongly in that place. Here’s a little back story. When I was 9 years old, my parents took me, and my sisters Z and J to Caleruega for the first time. I fell in love with the place. It had a rustic feel to it. The structures were made of brick and there was a brick path going up a small hill on which the Chapel of Transfiguration is perched. The chapel’s altar is simple, but the backdrop is made of stained glass depicting Jesus’ Transfiguration. I was entranced by it’s beauty.


Elijah (left), Jesus (center), and Moses (right) depicted in stained glass.

To the west of the chapel is a small grotto for Mary and the little Child Jesus which overlooks the picnic grounds of Caleruega, as well as the surrounding pineapple fields. It was just perfect, and my 9 year old self vowed to get married there one day. So, every time I can, I visit Caleruega.


Mary and the Child Jesus.

While we were there, Bear and I prayed (that we may get married already haha) and then walked around the grounds. It took us an hour and a half to go everywhere. We watched the koi fish follow us in their pond. We crossed the hanging bridge, which made me dizzy! We just enjoyed our time there together. Peace and happiness, that’s what I got.


On the hanging bridge.

When it was nearing 3:00 pm, we left Caleruega and made our way back to Tagaytay so we can eat at Marcia Adams. Marcia Adams is a Tuscany-inspired restaurant which serves Mediterranean food. I saw the reviews and wanted to go there ever since (similar to Breakfast at Antonio’s). Maybe now is a good time to tell you that when I want something, I usually want it so much I’ll do what I can to get it, so hello Breakfast at Antonio’s and Marcia Adams in one day! We found our way there and was greeted by a lovely Mediterranean-inspired facade. We walked on a cobblestone pathway going to our seats. We were seated at an open-air cottage overlooking pineapple fields. The table setting was elegant and homey at the same time. I appreciated this because nowadays, rustic is in. I like rustic, but I just feel pretentious liking the ultra-rustic things when I know I can’t live that way. So, when I saw how elegant, classic, and rustic were combined in Marcia Adams, I was just blown away. See, simple things make me happy!


Rustic yet classic.

We weren’t very hungry yet, but Marcia Adams only offers 3 course meals. I got the Galician soup for my appetizer which was scrumptious. I’m actually feeling hungry just remembering it.


Galician Soup. A meal all on its own.

Bear got Amalfi prawns which were delicately crunchy. They were not oily at all despite being fried. Also, they prawns themselves had flavoring, not just the exterior. He got the Classic Shish Kebabs while I got the Grilled Aromatic Pork. I can’t say it enough, they were perfect! Bear even described the pork chops as something that just “melts in your mouth”. Really, you have to try it to understand. We each got dessert, Panna Cotta with lemon sauce for me and Lemon Sponge Pudding for him. Both desserts were not overly sweet. They actually have a tinge of acidity in them, which was perfectly fine with me!


Pudding and Panna Cotta

We finished our meal with Lemon-Lime Bitters and Bundaberg Ginger Beer (non alcoholic). Both were refreshing. The Lemon-Lime Bitters was a bit sour at first, but I grew to like the taste. The doily on top of it was a really nice touch.



Before we left, we walked around the compound a bit. The restaurant is actually a series of cottages and rooms overlooking pineapple fields. It’s certainly a beautiful place with a beautiful view. I want to go back soon!


Our view from our table.

We headed back down to Manila, but not without buying pasalubong for our families. It was a wonderful pre-birthday celebration. Hopefully, we can stay longer next time!


I’ve decided to use WordPress instead. Here was my first post in my previous blog.

So, today, at 12:41 am, I started my blog. I think I just need a space wherein I can write and record my life. So, here it goes!

Yesterday, our first day of Ther 202 (Pharmacology), I felt the want to become a doctor fade away. I just felt so sad, like there was a hole in me. I didn’t want to quit med school (hey, this girl’s no quitter!), but I didn’t see myself practicing my profession. I know I have these moods, but yesterday was different because last weekend, I realized I didn’t know what I wanted to be (a story to tell for another day). Anyone who knows me knows that I need to have a plan. Without one, I just feel as if I’m floating away. *cue in Katy Perry’s Fireworks intro*

ANYWAY, drama aside, I’ll continue with my story!

Today, I had my skills lab training at school. Let me tell you, it was awesome! Like I said, I was feeling sad because of my no-after-medical-school-plan status. I was also terrified that I was going to perform, for the first time, an IV insertion and a blood extraction. So, while in class (the topic was Pharmacovigilance by Dra. Panganiban and Pharmacologic Tables by Dr. JP Reyes) I was thinking how I was supposed to PRICK a person intentionally. Honestly, this NEVER entered my mind when I decided to become a doctor! Silly, I know, but really! During lunch break, my friend, Aa taught me how to do both. My sympathetic nervous system was in overdrive. My hands and feet were so cold! After lunch, I waited outside the skills lab together with my groupmates. I did my best to keep calm, but I knew that I had to do this to become a doctor. So, we started with Station 1: Wound Dressing. It was easy enough, I just had to take care of maintaining a sterile environment. I laughed so hard when Jem was doing his return demo because he was pretending he was talking to his patient. Station 2 was IV insertion. It was easier than I thought! I won’t bore you with the details, but folks, if ever you do need to have an IV line inserted, do know that we are doing our best to make it easy and comfortable for you. Just look at our pricked hands! Don’t worry, we’ll practice more! Plus, we did it on a dummy! Station 3 was blood extraction *dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn*. During this station, I thought we were going to practice on a dummy again. I found out that we really were going to do it on each other. My partner was Jem. My hands and feet were cold and sweaty during prep time. I told Jem that he can do the extraction first. He easily found my vein, but when he inserted the needle, no blood came out. There was no flashback! So he had to fish for the vein inside. Our preceptor, a fellow from the Hospital and Infectious Unit (HICU), told me to move my arm, so I did. A BIG DROP OF BLOOD OOZED OUT OF THE PUNCTURE SITE! The fellow immediately undid my tourniquet and placed a cotton ball on the puncture site. I laughed! It wasn’t that painful. I think, because we so want our fellow students to succeed, our threshold for pain becomes higher. We just want to cheer them on! I was actually panicky-laughing at the time!

When my turn came, I couldn’t find a vein on Jem’s arm. I really do not know how to find veins yet! After a million minutes, I was able to locate a vein. I tied our glove-tourniquet and pricked his skin. THERE WAS NO FLASHBACK! I hunted around, STILL NO FLASHBACK! I guess I missed the vein completely. On top of that, my instruments weren’t complete! It was a fun experience though. Now, I’m all geared up towards practicing! Hello, willing classmates! Our fourth and last station was about catheterization. I’m just happy I don’t have to do that yet!

After class, we had a looooooooong meeting for PAGSAMA. It drained me, but on the flip side, I got to eat 4 toasted siopaos! Thank you! Now, I just finished writing my alumni welcome letter for MSS, and I’m falling asleep. Not too bad for a Tuesday!

Weirdly, today’s also a Tuesday. I guess start-a-new-blog day always falls on a Tuesday!